How do you want to feel?
What do you want to be different in your life?

We work together on what you show up with. Most people come in because they want to change something about how they feel or experience their days. Some clients come to counselling because they feel anxious, and then realize they have some unfinished grief affecting them. Some people come in with a very specific goal, and we focus on just that. Some clients come in to address their gender questioning, but find they have some unresolved relationship struggles causing them pain. Some people come in with career stress and realize they have a past traumatic situation inhibiting their progress.

This is all to say that we humans are complex — your path to emotional and mental well-being is a process. There may be twists and turns as you gain more understanding about who you are and how you want to show up in your life. But know that most people who are struggling can feel much better.

Distress + high emotions

Many of us have aspects of our lives that cause us distress: addictive or destructive behaviours, problematic patterns, residue from past traumas, or highly reactive emotions.

Counselling provides a supportive place to explore the distressing experiences, recognize the patterns, and make lasting changes that can help to reduce your distress.

Past experiences

Residue from past experiences can keep showing up and getting in our way. Understanding and rewriting our stories can powerfully impact how we move forward in our lives. Too often we react to events in our lives automatically. These automatic reactions are typically from patterns created in our past — often we are not even aware they exist because these old patterns are mostly invisible to us.

Through your counselling process you will gain awareness of your own feelings, thoughts, and patterns, which will enable you to have more choice in how you respond to events in your life. Understanding the patterns you established in the past is an important part of this process.

Transition + loss

In some ways life is all about transitions, those we choose and those we don’t. Whether the transition is unwelcome (like losses, break-ups, or other unexpected events), or it is deliberately chosen (like career transition, growing a family), or a dawning awareness of the transition is recognized (midlife crisis, a new gender or sexual identity), the situation can be extremely challenging and confusing.

Counselling is a place to explore and be supported while you make your way through the transition and reach a place of increased clarity.