Counselling for Creatives, Artists & Dreamers in Vancouver, BC

Creative types may experience unique struggles

Creativity can be thought of as a barometer for our mental and emotional well-being — the mentally healthier you feel, the more your creativity can flow. Feeling creatively blocked may mean something is getting in the way.

We do not always know why a creative block emerges, but you can work to find a clearer understanding of yourself and your struggles, and make changes that support your future creativity.

Working with a counsellor can help you process the challenging or unclear aspects of your life and allow you to regain both your sense of well-being and creativity.

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Some creative blocks may simply require a new perspective on your work to help get you going again — these are the easier kinds of creative blocks to address. Sometimes, however, creative blocks can indicate deeper troubles that may be preventing you from moving forward, staying engaged, and accessing your creativity the way you want to. We may be able to ignore, avoid, or push our troubles down for a while, but often they will eventually emerge and ask for our attention in the form of symptoms: sleeplessness, low mood, meaninglessness, stress, low self-confidence, hopelessness, lack of creativity, etc.

As an active artist and former long-time creative professional, I have a special interest in how we use our creativity to thrive.

The people I work with are problem-solvers, innovators, and creators of many kinds. Struggling with creative blocks can be unsettling for people who rely on their creativity. I help people who rely on their creativity feel better, live more fully, and feel more engaged with their lives and their creativity.

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