LGBTQ2+ & Trans Counselling in Vancouver, BC

While things have been changing significantly for queer folks, many people still struggle with many of the same things we always did. Just because our society has made some important strides, this does not mean your individual struggles as an LGBTQ2+ identified person have disappeared.

You may still have families whom are unaccepting or don’t understand you.

You may still be figuring out who you are.

You may still be working on clarifying your own values to yourself.

You may find yourself having to come out over and over again in different arenas of your life.

And this is in addition to all the usual life challenges like life transitions, career struggles, relationship pain, mood ups and downs, grief, loss, etcetera, etcetera.

Some typical subjects queer folks grapple with:

  • coming out

  • making sense of your story and identity

  • stigma

  • unwelcoming family members

  • relationships of various types

  • struggles with communicating what is important to you

  • feeling alone

  • feeling depressed or anxious

  • dating

  • break-ups

  • stress

Many of these challenges are not specific to being queer, but one’s queerness may add a different dimension to your experience of them.

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You might find yourself thinking things like:

  • Who am I? What is important to me?

  • Will this relationship improve?

  • Is this person right for me?

  • What do I really want?

  • How do I make lasting changes?

  • How do I love and care for myself?

  • How can I manage my difficult relationships?

  • Why do I feel badly about myself?

  • Why I am so stressed whenever I have to see a specific challenging person? Can this relationship improve?

You may also notice things like:

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • feeling agitated or unsettled

  • increased pessimism

  • feeling too afraid or nervous to speak up about things that are important to you

  • feeling excessively irritable or annoyed

  • being more isolated

  • avoiding difficult situations or people

  • increased criticality towards yourself

  • increased anger at yourself or others

  • feeling uncertain or confused about important aspects of your life

The result is feeling stuck, or stressed, or uncertain about yourself or how to move forward in your life. The goal of therapy is to become clearer about who you are and what you want in your life and relationships.

LGBTQ2+ identified people may find it challenging to find counselling professionals who are competent and familiar with queer and trans issues. I identify as queer and am at home working with folks who identify as members of LGBTQ2+ communities. I can help with important and often painful concerns like coming out, accepting yourself, gender questioning, relationship struggles, identity, queer parenting, mood struggles, sexuality, and challenges with family.

Consider counselling with me to be a safe place to be queer.

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No matter who we are, we can all benefit from outside help at stressful times in our lives.

  • Queer

  • Trans

  • Lesbian

  • Gay

  • Bisexual

  • Pan-sexual

  • Two-spirited

  • Curious

  • Fluid

  • Kink and poly friendly

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